All States Concrete Cutting is a full service company. We offer the ability to do any job outside or inside having all of our equipment running off 3 phase electric power instead of hydraulics, giving less of a chance of a leak or mess. If house power is not available we have generators to run our equipment.

We are able to cut 30" deep from one side, walls or floors. Core drilling any size and depth. We have recently added demolition robots to our inventory of equipment. The hussqvarnna DXR 310 and DXR 140 have jackhammer and breaker attachments as well as a 20" wide bucket for digging.

The DXR's are wireless remote controlled, fit trough a 32" door, lift up to 1200lbs, and have up to 18' reach. There isn't a more safe way to jackhammer or break concrete. No operator fatigue, almost no chance of injury. They are track mounted go up stairs, down stairs, anywhere and everywhere it is needed. With a 30 hp or 11 hp electric motor they have the power to do anything.

If it's concrete, we can cut it! Watch a video here





Core drilling 28" hole in waste water treatment plant Sioux Falls SD. the wall was 28" thick.

All States core drills holes for plumbers, electricians, and other trades. Holes can be cored from under 1" to 40's and 50's. From 1" deep to many feet deep.


We have two Pentruder wall saws.  Below are some picture of windows we cut with one of our wall saws  at the Jones 421 building in Sioux Falls.

All States Concrete Cutting has Hi-Cycle wall saws. They run off of 3 phase 480 power. No hydraulics. The pentruder wall saw system that All States runs has the ability to cut 30" deep from one side. The saw and motor come apart so there is not near the weight of the older hydraulic systems. It is also remote control allowing the operator to control the saw from a distance for better visibility and to stay out of the slurry spray.


Slab sawing or flat sawing is one of our specialties. Whether it is concrete or asphalt we have the saws to cut it.  

Below is a picture of the Roosevelt High School gym floor being sawed then removed with a vacuum system we fabricated.  We were able to saw and remove roughly 6,500 square feet of 4"-5" thick concrete floor in less than 5 days.  We also did the Washington High School gym floor the following week.  


Our fleet of slab saws has 66 horse diesel saws, 20 and 30 horse 480 3 phase electric saws and 35 horse gas saws. Inside of buildings, or outside on the road or concrete pad we have the saw that fits the job. All states also does concrete removal inside of buildings, from plumbing and electrical trench to floors being removed to thicken the pad or cracked floors.